About Us

We are a multimodal transportation specialist and with our network we are able to select the mode of transportation best suited for your goods. We facilitate international and domestic movement of goods by providing a wide range of advisory and administrative services to importers and exporters. With an established network, we are able to offer fast, flexible and cost effective logistics globally.

SHAR Group providing solutions:

In logistics, there are so many unforeseen situations that can arise. No matter how much we plan ahead, an issue or problem may arise that needs to be dealt with or managed. With our experience staff, we will find the solutions to rectify the situation.

Continuous improvement is a corporate wide initiative which will totally transform the way we do business and enable us to deliver a superior customer experience. It is a systematic and sustainable approach that will transform our business and increase our levels of customer satisfaction. By engaging our customers and employees in the process, we will deliver outstanding service to our customers and will be able to expand our business.